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Alcoholism is a serious problem. In our country drinking almost equally, both women and men. Even children aged 12-14 years are often applied to the bottle. This means that in the future they are likely to have serious health problems. Alcohol not only poisons the body, but also destroys families, cripples the personality of the person. Will help to reduce dependence drug from drinking Leavin. The cure is in great demand. We couldn't not to tell about it, so Leavin manual will be discussed below.

Fight against alcoholism is possible and necessary. Today, there are plenty of ways to get rid of alcohol addiction, and their methods are diverse, ranging from tablets and ending conspiracies and hypnosis. If you believe the reviews people, alcoholism can be cured if the person wants it and if you use the right methods of therapy. We will not discuss all known techniques, consider a tool Leevin. It is very popular and it is about this drug you can see the huge amount of positive feedback both from patients and from drug treatment.

Composition of tablets Antabuse

Buy Antabuse Online

This drug has French roots. It is made according to all European standards. After lengthy clinical studies and human testing, we can safely say that this drug is very effective and really able to quickly get rid of alcohol addiction. The mechanism of action Antabuse simple, it causes aversion to alcohol. And this is exactly what can encourage a person not to drink. The dominant component Lidevine – disulfiram. It increases the body's level of acetaldehyde. And when the body's acetaldehyde levels are exceeded, the person begins to experience discomfort:

  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Pressure surges.
  • Headache.
  • Redness, itching.
  • Shortness of breath.
If you believe the reviews of people who have undergone the therapy Antabuse, in the period of treatment was against them not only the taste of alcoholic beverages, but even their smell. In addition to disulfiram in Lievin includes the vitamins from B group, they beneficially influence on nervous system, rid the body from exposure to toxic substances. Act of tablets begin in 12 to 14 hours. From the first dose in humans is observed rejection of alcohol for a few weeks.

How to get rid of alcoholism?

Despite the severe pathogenesis of the disease and its progression unnoticed until severe stages, treatment methods exist. It is not serious to rely on traditional methods – they do not work with all types of alcohol (beer, wine, vodka) and help only to some extent. When treatment is necessary to use modern methods that have received scientific proof of the effectiveness.

Aversion therapy - it helps even in cases when the alcoholic is unwilling to admit that he is sick and does not agree to undergo treatment voluntarily. There are whole lists of drugs that cause aversion to alcohol by the action of the simplest of human reflexes. From such preparations it is possible to allocate disulfiram – it is harmless to drink, but when mixed with alcohol causes, though not dangerous, but terribly unpleasant for drinking symptoms. From folk remedies to select analog – a decoction of thyme – which, when mixed with ethanol causes severe vomiting.

Psychological therapy - it is the carrying out of such works possible only if the alcoholic recognizes his alcoholism and wants to get rid of, to remain human, to maintain its position in society, family and other values that are incompatible with the disease. Practice shows high efficiency of modern methods of psychological influence: 80% of patients undergoing psychotherapy, begin to realize the dangers of ethanol and disgusted at his drunken ego. The relapse of alcoholism after a thorough psychological therapies occur very rarely.

Detoxification of the body - methodology the method is similar to the complex of medical measures in case of severe food or medication poisoning. The aim of the course is to relieve the patient from the harmful effects of breakdown products of alcohol in the blood and digestive tract, cleanse the liver, to withdraw from the patient's body products of metabolism. A good method to relieve the patient from physical dependence on alcoholic beverages, but does not suppress the desire to drink.

Social adaptation - there are cases when even an inveterate alcoholic, decides to take up his crumbling life and embark on the path of correction, but not having such opportunity, continues to drink out of despair. Social adaptation of such patients is often fundamental to the deliverance from alcoholism – however, it is completely useless for those who do not recognize themselves to be alcoholic and does not want to fulfill the doctors ' orders.

Features Disulfiram

During treatment for alcohol dependence it is recommended to take decoctions of herbs: chamomile, rose hips, motherwort, as the dependent person is in nervous tension. The body is under the strongest loads in connection with refusal of alcohol. Talking about this reviews. In severe stage of stress and depression is possible to use strong antidepressants, but this measure is permissible only after consultation with your doctor. The basic nuances in the use of funds:
The effect of the drug occurs after 1 pill.
When the pill person does not experience discomfort. You may taste metal in your mouth, but that's my personal symptom.
Subject to the rules of admission, the drug is safe and will not harm health.
Advice fractality convenient. They are easily divided into parts.
The likelihood of recurrence minimised. That is, people who have undergone treatment with this medicine completely got rid of alcohol addiction. When you receive Antabuse internal organs do not suffer, the drug does not create stress on the body.
The General condition of the patient improves, decreases nervous tension.